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Emerging and Practical Concepts in Multiple Myeloma

The Global Multiple Myeloma Academy is a series of educational meetings across the world, designed to positively impact patient outcomes by promoting collaboration among clinicians who treat multiple myeloma.

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Resources for Multiple Myeloma

Get access to treatment guidelines from key clinical centers, and expert commentaries on new and emerging treatments.

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Engage with the Experts

Use the “Ask The Expert” tool to receive personal insights on multiple myeloma treatment from our program chairs.

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Upcoming Events

Ask the Expert

Rafael Fonseca

Rafael Fonseca, MD

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, USA
(Emerging and Practical Concepts in Multiple Myeloma Chair)

Irene Ghobrial

Irene Ghobrial, MD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA
(Emerging and Practical Concepts in Multiple Myeloma)

Keith Stewart

Keith Stewart, MBChB, MBA

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada
(Emerging and Practical Concepts in Multiple Myeloma)

Use the “Ask the Expert” tool to directly submit your questions to the experts and receive their personal insights on treatment approaches for multiple myeloma.

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Educational resources for the treatment and management of multiple myeloma. Access expert overviews and treatment guidelines from key clinical centers.


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